Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Restaurant Review: Olamaie (Austin, TX)

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For our first dinner in Austin, we made reservations at Olamaie. This was actually our first foray into Southern food, and we really enjoyed it! I suppose it's not quite traditional Southern, but it was still lovely, if not a little bit loud in the dining room. A lot of first dates and family dinners!

Super cute restaurant

Salad of Late Summer Tomatoes lemon basil granita, TX olive oil

Salad of Chilled Gulf Crab creme fraiche, tarragon, cucumber jelly, kieffer pear

Summer Pepper Purloo green farro, Thomasville Tomme, chicken jus

"Hoppin' John" zipper peas, pole beans, smoky scape likker, marinated soft egg

Off menu biscuits with honey butter

Lemon meringue ice creameditDelete caption

Bottom Line: The hoppin johns and biscuits were the stand-out stars for me. The tomato salad was a bit boring (good tomatoes taste like good tomatoes), but everything else was super nice. I really enjoyed all the dishes though. The biscuits were SUPER filling. When we finished, our server came over and he poked the napkin in the basket and said "Oh good, you guys finished. I wasn't sure you'd be able to" XD

Since it cooled off, we decided to walk back to our hotel. I don't think we happened upon another soul until we got closer to the capitol... it seems like Austin is not much of a walking city! Here are some pretty pics from the Capitol.

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