Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Restaurant Review: Le Pigeon (Portland, OR)

For our first dinner in Portland, I had made reservations for Le Pigeon (WebsiteYelp). I wanted to try the tasting menu which I had read so much about.

We went with the smaller, 5 course tasting menu. Cory got the beverage pairing, and I opted for the non-alcoholic beverage pairing (the first time I've seen that!). The food was excellent, and the drinks were also really fun. The price was also very good (living in the NY-metro area for 6+ years changes a girl's perspective, I tell ya) at $80 for the 5 course tasting menu, $45 for the bev pairing, and $25 for the non-alc bev pairing.

The food was fantastic; not a single miss. The pacing was also great as well; we tend to eat quickly, and we were glad the kitchen could keep pace!

Le Pigeon from inside the restaurant

They had really cute mismatched plates and cutlery. This one would appear to depict the Oregon Trail, right? Right?

Our first drinks. I think there was some basil in my non-alc drink, but I honestly can't remember anymore :(

Our first course was this albacore tuna dish.

Next set of drinks! Mine must have been a peachy thing.

Second course was this amazing beef tongue, broccoli and gnocchi (play on beef and broccoli). The gnocchi was so fluffy and melt-in-your-mouth!!

Third drinks: mine was a citrusy thing. I was starting to get really full of liquid calories at this point, and had a bit of a backlog of beverages to my side...

Third course was black cod with tiny potatoes. I think it was poached in butter....

Fourth drinks! Mine was a creamy caramelized white miso-Italian soda concoction. Very savory, yet sweet, and tasty. The red wine was Spanish.

Fourth course (starting to get really full!): short rib and mashed potatoes. Can't go wrong here!

Fifth drinks: a little root beer float with jersey milk (very yummy!). The wine was a white sav blanc.

Finally, we got two desserts! This one was a sweet hush puppy.

And this was a blackberry pot de creme with a little cinnamon sugar pie crust cookie.

Two raspberry chocolates that came with the very affordable bill :)

Bottom Line: Highly recommended!

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