Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Restaurant Review: Odd Duck (Austin, TX)

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For our Sunday brunch, we headed over to Odd Duck. It was a really popular place - it seems like a hip place to go. I usually prefer places that are a little more low key, but the food here was pretty good, so no complaints from me!


Cool interior with U-shaped bar seating.

Cory's coffee came in a cute mug!

We grabbed this pecan croissant from their pastry selections. Very nice and flaky.

Breakfast sausage corn dog, fried egg foam, chile maple

Cory having a bite

Et moi

Soft scramble duck egg, eggplant, squash, shishito, sunflower sprouts, apple

Smoked chicken hash, duck egg, cornbread

Cream filled doughnut, apple, mesquite, sorghum

Bottom Line: Food was good, but it's not really a quiet Sunday morning brunch spot. Better for groups of friends, I think! Food was tasty though! I would consider coming back for dinner service to see what they've got.

After brunch, we headed over to the Flagship Whole Foods on North Lamar Blvd to see where it all started... (we shop at Whole Foods for our weekly groceries, hah).

I couldn't help myself.

A fun selection of weird squash for Halloween.

This one looks like an octopus!

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