Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Food Truck Review: La Barbecue and Pueblo Viejo (Austin, TX)

So in October 2015, I had a work conference in Austin TX, and Cory came out the weekend before it started to get in some sightseeing eating.

I thought I would post about two of the food trucks we tried first! There's quite a significant food truck culture in Austin, which is pretty fun.

La Barbecue (Yelp, Website): Of course, Franklin's is the most well known BBQ place in Austin, but as we were flying in Saturday morning, I wasn't terribly keen to wait in line for 3-5 hours after landing, so we headed to the #2 recommended spot: La Barbecue. I also received a tip from the Chowhound boards that they accept email pre-orders, so I made sure to secure a beef rib and minimized our wait time :)

It's hard to tell from the picture, but the line is actually really long. They have free beer on Saturdays, which is nice of them! We didn't partake in the free beer though, since our preorder was ready in just a few minutes.

Sweet baby jesus! Beef rib, a 1/4 lb of brisket, and a small side of potato salad. Delicious!!!!

Afterwards, we walked around a bit and grabbed an iced coffee. Passed this pinata store and recognized one of them...

It was too hot for me, even in October, so after our iced coffee, we got into a Lyft (or was it an Uber) back to our air conditioned hotel.

Pueblo Viejo (Yelp): A few days later, we went to a taco truck and enjoyed some tacos for lunch between my conference sessions. They weren't mind-blowing tacos, but they definitely hit the spot. I saw a few other conference attendees there as well!


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