Thursday, October 30, 2014

Travel: Yongkang St, Smoothie House, Ximending District (Taipei, Taiwan)

After our breakfast/brunch at Din Tai Fung, we decided to walk around Yong Kang St a bit. Most places were still closed around 11am on a Monday, but it was still cool to walk around.

YongKang St area

Rilakkuma shop was closed when we were there :(

Cory found another cat!

Cute planters!

Let's talk about mango shaved ice, again. There are 2 Smoothie House branches literally within steps of one another. As far as I can tell, the air conditioned location at 9 Yong Kang (walking from Din Tai Fung to here, you walk past it) which is the original location, and this one at 15 Yong Kang. This location used to be an Ice Monster (also mango shaved ice), which took over "Yong Kang 15" (an independent mango shaved ice?). I've read some stuff online that suggests there was some kind of domestic dispute between the husband and wife owner of the original establishment, then the husband tried to open his own place but failed miserably, then Ice Monster took over? Then Smoothie House took over? IDK. Either way, it seems like the address is popular, and I don't really care who is selling me mango shaved ice - JUST GIVE IT TO ME.

Super popular Smoothie House

We decided to stop in since it seemed less busy on the way back

Menu. They have one at the cash that you can use to point at what you want.

We decided to switch things up and get the mixed fruit one. The shaved ice here is flavoured and very sweet.

Afterwards, we decided to check out the Ximending shopping area. But first, needed a cool refreshment.

We got an unsweetened chrysanthemum ice tea from Ten Ren. Really hit the spot after having so many sweet things!

Ximending district

Walking around, I recognized this restaurant in my research. It's famous for having a resident golden retriever.

Where's the goggie?!

I peeked in and saw him :S

Hot and tired, maybe?

Hot hot hot, time for more ice tea.

Ordered a tasty fruit tea here.

Nice and cold. And sweet.

Then Cory looked across the pedestrian street (literally right across) and said the tea shop there looked much busier.


We decided to get a 2nd one so we could compare. I ended up with some kind of milk tea. I have no idea what I ordered, and it was confusing for both me and the cashier.

I saw this adorable cafe from across the street as we headed back to the subway, but as we got closer, realized it had no indoor seating or AC. Just a counter >:(

But but, so cute!

Bottom Line(s):

Yong Kang St: Yay! But maybe go on the weekend or in the evenings when more stuff is open.

Smoothie King: Yay! But the mango chunks were not super ripe. I guess that can vary!

Ximending District: Nay. Maybe I'm too old, but the amount of counterfeit goods and cheap stuff was just underwhelming.

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