Sunday, October 5, 2014

Travel: Hualien to Taipei to Wulai, and QSquare (Taiwan)

The next morning, we started our journey to the next destination by heading to Hualien's train station. We took the train back to Taipei, and then had lunch in Taipei before continuing on to Wulai.

It's a small station, so there's no chance of getting lost here!

Hualien Train Station

Hualien Train Station

Hualien Train Station

Hualien Train Station

Drinks of the day to try - both extremely tasty! We repurchased the Sumiyaki one two more times on our trip in total!


This mall opened in 2009 and is connected via underground passages to the Taipei Main Station. It's a very modern mall. There's free wifi, an AWESOME food court (separate post!), lots of cool/"hip" brands represented, and really kick ass bathrooms (on the main level, at least). I wish I took my camera into the bathroom, because it was like walking into a rap music video (it was fully mirrored with gold and black accents, with hexagonal stalls and vanities.

Momi & Toys Creperie - I forgot to come back to try a crepe!!! :(

Zhanlu Coffee (Cursive Coffee)

Americano with... Original Fructose

Ireland's Potato - Was totally surprised at this fast food outlet.

Ireland's Potato - No poutine, unfortunately! IDK about those cup of mashed 'taters though...

Adorable Hello Kitty wine!


That's a big bear

QSquare - coming down from 4th floor via escalator

LINE bear/bunny characters are super popular here!

Another enormous bear at MontBell on the "Active Lifestyle"-esque floor

So, they do have Uber in Taipei, but judging from the picture in this ad, I'm guessing it's a bit more expensive than your average taxi in Taipei...

Paul & Joe Sister - This store had the cutest stuff, but very expensive :x

I saw these stuffed animals in some other malls too. I don't know anything about them though!

So many cute things!

Not sure what's up with this Pegasus statue, haha

Miffy x 2% collab!

A little workshop station for couples to make jewelry for one another. This couple was busy hammering away at some rings, it looked like!

Some interesting sweater-dresses

More cute toys!

Scrunchies are totally back "in" in Asia.

QSquare basement level has your typical "gift" foods in addition to the foodcourt

Hello Kitty and bear cupcakes *DIES*

If you have some time to kill at Taipei Main Station (and it's after 11am), definitely follow the underground signs to QSquare!

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