Monday, October 13, 2014

Travel: Maji Maji Square at Taipei Expo Park (Taipei, Taiwan)

Maji Maji Square

In my search for something to do on a Sunday that was not a tourist trap, I found out about Maji Maji Square from Taipei Times and The Thousandth Girl.

It's kind of on the periphery of Taipei, but I'm so glad we came out here to spend a day relaxing and hanging out. There's a bunch of food stalls, cute shops, full on restaurants, and general fun times to be had here.

The location is at the Taipei Expo Park (this is the other side). There's something like a farmer's market between this entrance and Maji Maji Square.

Map of Maji Maji Square - there are some full scale restaurants, but we didn't go to them

Good Cho - a super popular bagel shop!


We decided to order a little sundae

With some bagel "rusk". It was not as delicious as anticipated, but we still ate it.

Quick coffee break in Maji Food and Deli (kind of a Dean and Deluca type shop)

Places to leash your dog - what a cute idea!

Fast Food Court Area

Food court area

Lots of food stall options for lunch!

hard to choose!

I took pictures of each one, since I wasn't able to find this information online beforehand. I also try to identify the stall... I wasn't able to for a few, so please comment if you know!

Dou hua (soft sweet tofu)

Traditional Taiwanese desserts

Japanese food stall - wasn't sure what kind of Japanese food, but they sold Asahi for 70 NT

Stinky tofu stall

Coffee and tea stall


I *think* a vermicelli soup shop?

Braised Pork Rice (Lu Rou Fan) stall

Noodles stall

Wonton stall

Takoyaki stall

Mexican stall

Vietnamese stall

Thai stall

Not sure what of stall this was

Indian stall

American stall

Fish and chips stall

California stall

South American stall

Soft serve and popcorn

Snack time!

Here's what we grabbed for brunch (I guess the sundae was breakfast...). Portion sizes were not too big, so if you wanted to, you could try a lot of things here! Everything is pretty cheap too. Seems very clean and orderly, I would recommend checking this place out if crowds are not your thing! The stalls open at 10am, but the shops don't open until around noon, typically.

Wonton menu

We ordered a small bowl of shrimp wonton. The guy spoke English which made things easier.

The wontons. Pretty nice and shrimpy, but wish we ordered a second bowl :D

and also some stinky tofu

Stinky tofu - it was ok. I was hoping it would be stinkier and tastier. Maybe I didn't get a great plate.

Caramel milk tea

Not bad - a bit too sweet, but otherwise tasty

Cute ice cream shop

The strange flavours available!

We ordered one of the green tea ice creams and the mulberry froyo. Both pretty nice.

Walking around a bit

So many cute things

Every shop had cute things


Adorable earrings

I almost bought a pair...

It was really hot, as evidenced by this extremely hot tea girl.

Time for a quick vending machine refreshment!

So long, Maji Maji Square!

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