Monday, October 6, 2014

Restaurant Review: QSquare B3 Food Court (Taipei, Taiwan)

We planned to have lunch at QSquare based on Hungry Girl in Taipei's review. It is a seriously impressive food court!!! So many choices and lots of seating.

There are also restaurants at the top level of QSquare, but the food court looked much more interesting!

About a tenth of your options

Fried rice, if you like


We walked around the food court two or three times before deciding on a hot pot bibimbap from the Korean food stall and a baked penne dish from the Italian food stall. The cost was around 300 NT (~$10 USD) for 2 dishes.

The Korean stall

The Italian stall

The wait was around 10 minutes, and both our orders were ready at about the same time.

Each vendor has their own vibrating disc so you know when your order is ready to pick up


While the bibimbap was not the best I've ever had, it was very good and definitely hit the spot.

Stonepot bibimbap

Can't go wrong with stone pot bibimbap

All mooshed up like it oughta be

I ordered by saying "rock" in Chinese and "BI BIM BAP" in English. They understood me, but here's the actual Chinese name of it lol

The pasta was surprisingly tasty! Very creamy and flavorful (even super tasty when it had cooled slightly). I ordered it based on seeing a thousand Taiwanese girls ordering it (or the non-hammed version -- hard to tell just looking at the top!)

Almost all the dishes have plastic display food too :D

How about some baked penne pasta with ham?

Actually extremely, extremely delicious!

Next up, I trolled around for some dessert and happened upon Guang-An Jie:

Guang-An Jie

Guang-An Jie - a variety of Taiwanese desserts


The real thing was impossibly large, and DH was visibly shocked when I came back to our table. It is a pile of shaved ice with brown sugar syrup and sweetened condensed milk, surrounded by fresh mango chunks and topped with a smooth and creamy scoop of mango ice cream. It was extremely delicious, and my “must have” local dessert, which I tried to indulge in as much as possible, throughout the trip.

My first (and certainly not last) mango shaved ice :D

"What did you do?!", he said

Although I wanted to have a milk tea from a very popular stand, my stomach could not fit anything else in it, so we left QSquare on the subway to Wulai.

Popular tea shop which I had no stomach space for :(

Bottom Line: You can't go wrong here.

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  1. haha! glad you guys liked it. i haven't been back there in a long time. the nearby Taipei Main Station Breeze food court is also a good one