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Restaurant Review: Cherry Field Restaurant 櫻田野餐廳 (Hualien, Taiwan)

Again, I'm not too sure how I stumbled upon this restaurant, but our B&B hosts said they've been to the restaurant before and were surprised when I asked them to make a reservation for me (i.e., "How did they find out about this restaurant?"). I'm guessing I found it through this Taipei Times review, somehow. (I wish there was a way to look at all their restaurant reviews; I wasn't able to figure out how to do that!)

Actually, our taxi driver had no idea where this restaurant was. He had to call in to his central dispatch to ask for directions O_o

Cherry Field Restaurant

This restaurant is away from the city center of Hualien, and is located on a beautiful farm. It's mainly a hotpot restaurant with emphasis on healthy eating. Many local vegetables and wild greens.

The menu is all in Chinese characters, but the staff is very friendly and can help explain in simple Chinese. Their menu is available online (in Chinese).

We were seated on the far side of the restaurant next to some big windows looking out onto the farm and their little pond with geese

Cute tocks!

The hotpot is priced per head. Each seat has its own recessed hotpot. You select a broth and a protein, and additional wild vegetables, rice, and condiments are self-serve. We ordered the pork and one of their specialty “flower” broths.

Their signature broth with a flower that opens up.

The hot pot ingredients arrived beautifully arranged on boats, with an incredible variety of vegetables and mushrooms. Some pieces of fish and chicken were also provided.

Enormous variety of veggies/mushrooms in this thing!

Their specialty “flower” broth also comes with some tang yuan and a few fish balls to cook (at least, I think they tasted like fish balls!)

They have a buffet area with additional greens, condiments, and rice.

Buffet of additional leafy bits

Help yourself condiments. Soy, vinegar, hoisin, mystery sauce, etc.

They also appear to have cooked dishes, based on food I saw coming out of the kitchen towards other tables!

We were completely stuffed, but felt very energized from all the healthy greens!

The per person cost for hotpot was around 300-400 NT (good deal!)

The complementary drink provided is a cold, plum-based beverage. One of the cold pickles that were provided with our meal was a delicious pickled plum (sweet, not sour at all). They also appear to sell jarred plums near the front.

They can also call a taxi for you (the wait will be about 15 minutes).

The patrons seemed to be locals, but I think they do have have significant tourist patrons because one of our servers encouraged me (and the table next to us with two older aunties) to set our cameras to video mode so we could record the flower-broth action and had a very rehearsed spiel about the health benefits of the flower-broth, the tang yuan, and fish balls. #totalpro

Bottom Line: Highly recommended! A very memorable and guilt-free dinner.

Basic Information:

Cherry Field Restaurant 櫻田野餐廳 (Yīng tiányě cāntīng)

Address: 花蓮縣吉安鄉復興村復興七街8號
8 Fuhsing 7th Rd, Fuhsing Village, Chi-an Township, Hualien County

Tel: (03) 8540-366

Open: 11am to 2pm, 4:30pm to 9pm (weekdays); 11am to 9pm (weekends)

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