Monday, October 20, 2014

Travel: Taipei Fine Arts Museum (Taipei, Taiwan)

The Taipei Fine Arts Museum was within spitting distance of Maji Maji Square, so we wandered over there to kill some time. It actually ended up being a very enjoyable few hours! I don't think we went in the main entrance, as we passed through some kind of Taiwanese technology/product section and then bought tickets from a manned machine. The entrance fee was only 30 NT per person (About $1 USD!) and the air con was great! Nice deal! They were actually having a Biennial exhibit called The Great Acceleration, which we later saw advertised around the city.

If you are in the area and have some time to kill, I would definitely recommend dropping in to the Taipei Fine Arts Museum and seeing what they have on display. It's a relaxing way to spend a few hours, and not too crowded at all (the best part!).

Here are a few snap shots from a few of the exhibits:

OPAVIVARÁ!, Formosa Decelerator, 2014

Hammocks and free tea, in the main lobby area of the museum. More information here.

Photo taken from the top floor

Surasi Kusolwong, Golden Ghost (Reality Called, So I Woke Up), 2014

Taken from,
The Thai artist has filled a gallery with five tonnes of yarn, turning it into a soft, colourful playpen where more than a few visitors have felt free to lounge in the tangles of soft string. But Kusolwong has also hidden a dozen golden necklaces inside the yarn and anyone who finds one can keep it. So the installation is also a treasure hunt, and a statement on human greed, colour and texture - and probably Marxist dialectical materialism as well. Most notably though, it inspires visitors to interact with it, even if just by walking through the ankle-deep cushy strands.

More information on the artist here.

The room of yarn

This couple was having fun...

and the guy posed for me as I not-so-sneakily tried to take his picture.

A few people actively looked for the necklaces, but most were just hanging out and having fun. Cory and I had a good long lie-down rest.

I made a fort, like any self-respecting Canadian would in this situation.

TADA! My fort! Unfortunately it was cannibalized within minutes of leaving :(

Shimabuku, 'My Teacher Tortoise' and 'Mobile Phone and Stone Tool'

More information on these two exhibitshere.

Crawling around in a white pen.

This one gave us a chuckle

No iPhone 6 yet at this point.

Ching-Hui Chou, Animal Farm

The prints from this exhibit really stood out to us - really evocative images. More info here.

Chun Teng Chu, Aesop’s Bats

Really interesting skeletons of "bats" based on a combination of different animal skeletons. More information here.

So creepy!

But cool looking!

Ian Cheng, Droning Like an Ur

No pictures, but this was a super eerie film playing with really creepy sounds. I wish I could find a video of the exhibit, but I'll just list it here so I can remember what it was! I was not entirely sure if it was pre-rendered or happening in real-time. More information here.

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