Thursday, October 16, 2014

Travel: Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei at Taipei Expo Park (Taipei, Taiwan)

While we were hanging out at Maji Maji Square at the Taipei Expo Park, we noticed there was also a pretty big event going on called "Tokyo Crazy Kawaii Taipei". We were dying for some A/C at the time, so we bought tickets (about $10 USD each) and headed in!

Flashy entrance outside the Expo Park

The exhibition area

The entrance

A map of the points of interest. There was also some scheduled shows going on, and there was a big outdoor stage nearby that seemed to have some evening shows scheduled (extra cost) with a bunch of Japanese idols and popstars I've never heard of.

Cute macaron cushions!

An area with some magazines

This one caught Cory's eye.

They had a bunch of restaurant vendors (ramen, etc.), but we had already eaten in Maji Maji Square, so we decided just to get a fried chicken snack.

It was just ok.

There was a strange speed sashimi demonstration going on (as far as I could tell). They gave away 5 plates for free (via mass Rock Paper Scissors), and sold the rest at a "discounted" price. We did not want to eat $5 USD sushi.

Saw this cool display of Sailor Moon figurines :D

Have no idea what was going on outside with this box mascot...

Went to the bathroom outside and saw this strange photoshoot happening

GAH she saw us taking a pic!

An interesting and pretty random event - Cory said it would have been sensory overload for him if he was 16 again. LOL. It was also somewhat funny that he was the only white guy at an otaku event, but I guess that's more a function of Taiwan than anything else, :)

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