Sunday, November 2, 2014

Restaurant Review: Anhe 65 (Taipei, Taiwan)

We had some time to kill one afternoon, and decided to check out this cat café I had read about: Little Aesthete, Herb and Lace, Taipei Cat Cafes. What I liked about these reviews, is that it genuinely looked like a cool space to hang out, rather than a cat brothel (per my experience in Tokyo... which I wouldn't take back, but it did make me feel unusual to pay $12USD to be ignored by a lot of cats at the same time).

Anhe 65 is a super relaxed basement gallery space with some food and drinks. We ordered a couple beverages (since we were in between meals). I had a fruit tea (which was huge! and yummy) and Cory ordered a Neko Beer (which turned out to be the best beer he'd had in Taiwan, and was from a local microbrewery). There are allegedly 2 or 3 cats that live here, but when we sat down, they were nowhere to be found D:

Anhe65 Cafe - Main facade - go down the staircase on the right!

Does this sign say "Please don't let the cats out"?

Main cash register area

Hip decor

Cat illustrations EVERYWHERE. Even on this bottle of water.

It doubles as a gallery space, and it looks like they have live music performances sometimes too.

Various merch to purchase.

Adorable pillows on a bench

So many cat illustrations O_O

So much cute

Thought about getting an iphone 5 case, but we are upgrading to 6s in a couple months :/

I found 1 bear

So much cat

Oh, another bear!

Adorable greeting cards

An artist was hanging these images up around the space

Neko Beer

My enormous fruit tea

Oh, I forgot we also ordered strawberry and kiwi sorbet. The taste was a bit funky (like freezer burn maybe?). The cup is hella cute though.

There was another couple sitting near us and they had ordered some food. I think they requested the cat, because one of the employees came out holding a cute tuxedo kitty!

The couple proceeded to drop their knives and forks and make their way to the cat. The girl was really good at petting the cat. The cat was very responsive to her, and rubbed against her. I felt extremely jealous watching them. I guess I'm a creepy cat lady. The guy was SUPER into the cat. I've never seen someone more into cats than me, but he was going NUTS taking pictures of the cat.

Anyways, they must have felt my piercing gaze, because they went back to their meals, and then I went over to the cat and took a million pictures. Of which, only these three turned out. He was very cute and friendly, and was obsessed with grooming himself (or herself)!


So cute!


Bottom Line: If you like cats, you should definitely swing by and check out this place. They have free wifi. Don't be shy like me; ask for the cat(s).

Basic Information:

Anhe 65 安和65
Address: 臺北市安和路一段65號
Closed on Mondays

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