Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Travel: Eva Air 'The Infinity' Lounge (Taoyuan Intl Airport / TPE)

Our flight to Singapore was fairly early (7am I think), so I was definitely interested in seeing what was for breakfast in the Eva Air lounge at Taoyuan Airport. We used miles to book business class flights, so we had access to the "Infinity" lounge.

The spread of breakfast was pretty incredible! Cory doesn't really eat breakfast, so it was down to me to eat as much as possible.

This is what I thought was an appropriate breakfast, faced with the options.

Front plate: I tried two types of buns, a sticky-rice meatball (tasted just like the ones my mom makes), some fried tofu stuffed with ground meat, pickled veg, and some spinach-type cold greens.

Back, left bowl: congee with pork floss, half a salted egg (man, I didn't realize how much I missed eating this!, but it really hit the spot, bean curd slices - basically whatever they had on offer, I took a bit)

Back, right bowl: baked sweet potato (just a smallish piece). The white-variety of sweet potato (not the orange kind you get here in the US).

NOT PICTURED: Three small scoops of ice cream. LOL. My stomach is unstoppable.

Ok, here's the lay of the land.

Soymilk, tea, juice, Asian bread, things that look like doughnuts but aren't

Beer, soft drinks, water, tea, juice, milk

Cakes, sandwiches

Asian pastries, slightly dodgy looking sandwiches

Movenpick ice cream

I tried 3 of the 4 flavours, and they were all EXCELLENT.

Traditional toppings for congee, including vegetarian options. MMM FRIED FIBER.


4 types of steamed buns/meatballs.

Condiments. Wait, i think I forgot to get some of that meatball sauce :( Also sweet baked potatoes :D Note the separate tongs for vegetarian options (very considerate).

I guess there is some demand for soft cheese with the breakfast crowd... I passed on this

A salad bar. Who has salad for breakfast?

Bottom Line: Great traditional Taiwanese/Chinese breakfast here in the lounge! I completely enjoyed it. I wonder what they have during other meal times? And I wish I had eaten more ice cream.

NB: Oh, then I ate a pretty huge breakfast on the actual flight to Singapore, too. I was about to explode.

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