Thursday, November 13, 2014

Restaurant Review: Alexandra Village Hawker Centre (Singapore)

After our Jurong Bird Park adventure, we cabbed to Alexandra Village Hawker Centre. There was some confusion with the cabbie about the location, but we found it without too much trouble. We actually got off about a 5 minutes walk away from the address, as the traffic was backed up and the driver said it can be gridlock inside.

120 Bukit Merah Lane, 150120, Singapore

What brought us to this particular hawker centre, as opposed to one of the more famous ones?

LAKSA. Depot Road Claypot Laksa, in particular. Apparently this stall is closed on Mondays! Stall number is 01-75. I had quite a few Laksa places on my short list (including the uber famous 328 Katong Laksa), but this was sort of on the way back from Jurong Bird Park, and everyone loves clay-potted food, right?

Anyway, while we were there, we tried a few other things from the other stalls. There are two long strips of stalls with a walkway halfway down (so 4 sections of stalls). We first searched for the laksa (whose sign no longer says "Depot Road", but it was the right stall number and the only one saying "claypot laksa" on it). Afterwards, we made note of the more popular stalls and tried our luck! It appeared that we were the only tourists there (hurray!)

Alexandra Village Hawker Center

Claypot Laksa 01-75

Claypot Laksa (Stall 01-75) with a permanent queue of at least 5 people at any moment

A fine tuned engine. Order one of 3 sizes, pay, wait for your noms. Add your own spicy paste.

I added slightly too much spicy paste to our medium sized laksa, which we shared. Tasty and comforting, but not life changing, in my opinion. I guess I would have enjoyed it more had I been eating it in the wintertime at home... but I guess that's not something Singapore can offer me.

Claypot Laksa

Other Eats

Wontons and noodles

Not great looking dumplings... but a real homemade taste

I ordered this random juice from a juice stall. The owner was Chinese, but didn't understand my accent. A young woman helped me and told her I was looking for their most popular drink. I was served this popular "slimming down" drink:

What's sour and salty and hard to stomach? #1 BEST SELLER!!! No wonder it makes you slim down. APPETITE, DED.

We were getting pretty full at this point, but I wanted to try this super popular fishball noodle stand. Unforunately, I couldn't talk Cory into it. I guess "fishball" is still an unappetizing proposition for him.

Cory wasn't interested in fishballs, but this stand was super popular

Ordered a milk tea with grass jelly for dessert, really hit the spot!

Dirty dishes were consolidated onto certain tables as the lunch rush was wrapping up

Bottom Line: If you are nearby and haven't had a hawker centre experience, I would definitely recommend Alexandra Village! It was quite open and airy with lots of seating and stalls to choose from. I definitely recommend trying the Claypot Laksa, and then pick whatever else strikes your fancy. Most things here were very tasty, though not really astounding (from a purely foodie perspective). Still, it was a fun way to spend a couple hours and take in a bit of Singapore!

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