Friday, November 21, 2014

Travel: Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives (Day 2)


The one downside of visiting the Maldives during low season is the chance of rain. The weather forecast in the weeks and days leading to our trip showed rain every single day, with 70-80% chance of precipitation. It was very depressing. But! The worst we got was rain overnight on our first night and a very light sprinkling of rain before breakfast in the morning. It was sunny with a few clouds the rest of the time with some overnight light rain (judging only from our wet deck furniture). Otherwise, the weather was fantastic. About 30-32 degrees Celcius, low humidity, and a beautiful ocean breeze. So, don't fret when looking at the weather forecast!

Such awful, cloudy weather. /sarcasm

The upside of light rain: surprise rainbow before breakfast!

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

Another view of the Dhonis

View of the "backyard" (click to embiggen)

The back decks of the dhonis with privacy screens

The deck is actually really hot to sit on.


Nice weather.

Hunting for interesting things...

Busy making something...

This! Ta dah!

On the walk toward the restaurant, left side (click to embiggen)

On the walk toward the restaurant, right side (click to embiggen)

Infinity pool outside the restaurant

We kept seeing this bird near the restaurant. Seriously, every day! It turns out to only have one leg and has quite a backstory... I can't remember all the details, but he lost his leg to an injury from falling off a roof, and now creeps his way closer to the kitchen to get scraps of food every day.


SO SUNNY! #MaldivesProblems

A school of needlefish viewed from the walkway

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