Monday, November 24, 2014

Travel: Cocoa Island by COMO, Maldives (Day 4)

I finally remembered to check out the sunrise on Day 4 of our stay. Cory decided to sleep in, so I went off on my own towards the sandbar area to get a better view.



Walking back to our suite.

Early morning

Not a creature was stirring, ...

Actually that's false. Lots of creatures were stirring:

Backtip reef shark! So cute and twee!

These crabs dig little holes in the sand overnight!

Crab in a hole

Home sweet home!

Ready to take on the day!

We were scuba-ed out at this point, so decided to just lounge about on our last day, and try a bit of snorkeling. Here is my assessment of snorkeling:


This was my first time snorkeling, and I have to say, it is much less fun than scuba diving!! Well, this is probably because I swallowed some salt water (due to the snorkels) and the fact that I dislike swimming at the surface (somethng about the water splashing onto my mask makes my heart pound, in a bad way!). It takes more energy to swim at the surface than it is to move about underwater, so I might just be too lazy to snorkel. The most tiring thing about diving is getting into the wetsuit and getting out of the water *after* a dive (oh gravity, you unforgiving beast!)

There is a reef behind the rooms that you can go to during high tide (or you can walk over to the jetty and enter from the other side during low tide). There is actually a considerable amount of fish you can see here, but it's obviously not as awesome as diving. Also, I neglected to put sunscreen on the back of my thighs, and they got quite burned after just 1 hour of snorkeling!!! The tan line I have on my backside is incomprehensible. I didn't know my skin could get so dark. Pictures omitted.

Clear weather!

Just one more night left D:

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