Thursday, January 7, 2016

Restaurant Reviews: A few more eats before leaving Charleston, SC

For our last day, our flight out of Charleston was in the afternoon, so we walked around a little more and picked up a few souvenirs.

Black Tap Coffee (Yelp, Website): This coffee shop is very close to the College of Charleston campus, and there is definitely a hip student vibe here :)

Front door

Part of the interior

Outside the coffeeshop was this cute car.

Christophe Artisan Chocolatier (Yelp, Website): Snacks are my favourite souvenier, so we picked up a few chocolates from Christophe. Word of warning, though, for some reason the location given on Google Maps is totally bogus if you type in "Christophe chocolates". If you can't find it, double check the actual address! They also sell macarons, but I'm more of a chocolate gal :)


Front door

I remember we got Cappucino Cheesecake, Star Anise, and a Peach Pecan flavour (excellent!). I can't recall the other two, but all were delicious. Well, except the Star Anise, because I hate that flavour, but my husband adores it. So he said it was good. Weirdo.

Ted's Butcherblock (Yelp, Website): For lunch, we went to this sandwich shop very close to our hotel (so we could pick up our bags from the front desk after and head to the airport). Great lunch spot, with gourmet sandwiches.

Front door


I ordered their Ultimate Wednesday Sandwich which was a roasted duck leg sandwich with fries, cheese curd, and duck gravy on toasted country rye. AKA, a duck poutine sandwich!!! It was incredible.

Cory had the monthly feature sandwich which was confit pork shoulder with cherry preserves, grilled onions, gruyere, and dijonnaise on ciabatta. He also enjoyed his sandwich.

For our sides, we picked potato salad (very good, not too mayonnaisey at all) and their gouda mac and cheese (which is raved about on their Yelp page, but I thought was just so-so).

Closing thoughts on Charleston: a beautiful city with tons of great food. Would love to come back and hit up the other restaurants we weren't able to fit in on this trip!! If you are on the fence about visiting, I highly recommend you do.

With this last Charleston post, I am all caught up for my 2015 blog posts :D Next up will be my 2015 favourites, if I can get around to taking the pictures!

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