Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Restaurant Reviews: Eating through Charleston, Day 1

For our first day in Charleston, we dropped off our bags at our hotel, and headed out for lunch and a bit of walking around. Then we swung back to our hotel to check in, before heading out for dinner and dessert!

The Grocery (Yelp, Website): Great brunch, not too noisy. I loved the fried oysters in my omelet. Would recommend!

No wait on a Sunday around 1pm, pretty empty actually

Casual interior

Hangtown Fry: fried oysters and green tomatoes, farm egg and bacon frittata, remoulade

Huevos en Cazuela: chorizo, potatoes, soft cooked eggs, pickled green tomato salsa verde

A biscuit side to the huevos en cazuela


Jeni's Splendid Ice Cream (Yelp, Website): Walking along King St to get back to our hotel, we decided to grab a little afternoon delight :D I highly recommend Jeni's for ice cream! Glad to know they are a chain.

Very cute store

Lots of tempting flavours to choose from

Nom nom nom!

Small (two half scoops). They asked if we were sharing, and gave us two waffle cookies instead of 1! How nice of them :D Brown Butter Almond Brittle and Churro flavours. Both excellent.

Walking back to our hotel, we passed by the American Theater (this was shortly after the Paris attacks), and the AME Church.

At this point, we checked into our hotel and relaxed a bit before it was time for dinner.

Hank's Seafood (Yelp, Website): This restaurant popped up a few times as a local's recommendation for traditional seafood fare. It definitely seemed like a family friendly place, and the food was very rich and heavy. However, I wasn't blown away by the food, and I would only recommend it if you were dining with a mixed group, as I think there's something for everyone here, but not generally the type of dining experience I live for.

Loved the exterior

Shecrab Soup

Seafood a la wando: shrimp, scallops, fish, crabmeat, button mushrooms, saffron cream sauce. The entire time I was eating it, I wished I had something to soak up the beautiful sauce... it turns out, they forgot my fried grit cake that is supposed to be underneath the shrimp!

Shellfish Pasta: linguine, shrimp, scallops, mussels, clams

Peninsula Grill (Yelp, Website): I kept reading about the famous Coconut Cake from Peninsula Grill, but wasn't sure if I'd want to eat an entire meal there. I also read that you can get a slice of cake to-go from the hostess! So that's what we did :D Best Idea Ever. Great cake, very rich. It took us two nights to polish it off (yay for in-room mini fridge!).

The street entrance to the restaurant.

To-go packaging

It's as good as it looks, and much larger in real life than this picture would lead you to believe.

All in all, our first day in Charleston was a great success! Excellent food all around.

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