Sunday, November 29, 2015

Travel: A day in DC

Welp, this post is 6 months late. We went to DC and Baltimore as a quick weekend getaway for my birthday in May. Here's a bit of a photodump of the DC part of our trip!

We decided to skip the usual tourist spots this time, and just take it easy.

Dinner at Rasika in Penn Quarter (website, Yelp): overall very tasty Indian, but everything was a little bit too salty. The decor is nice, and they put us in a quieter side room per my request!

Palak Chaat

Lobster Hawa Mahal

Chicken Tikka Masala

Great Falls Park (website)

We decided to take in an easy-moderate hike at Great Falls Park. We did the River Trail, and it was very well marked and easy to follow. The overlooks are mainly at the beginning of the trail, so if you are feeling lazy, you can just take a few pics and hop back in the car :)

Great overlook at the very beginning of the trail

Fairly easy trail, although the last bit ended up being quite an uphill push!

Cory running up this paved area to get some extra exercise!

Gravelly Point Park (Yelp)

After our hike, we decided to stop by Gravelly Point Park and check out some of the planes taking off. Very cool! The planes definitely felt closer than the pictures suggest.

Lunch at Jardenea (website, Yelp)

We grabbed a quick lunch at Jardenea, which is in the Melrose Hotel. Very tasty sandwiches and excellent fries!

Chicken Club sandwich

Pulled pork sandwich

Dinner at Obelisk (website, Yelp)

We capped off the day with a lovely dinner at Obelisk. There was a huge variety of courses, and it was very reasonably priced to boot! They serve a 5 course prix fixe.

Bread basket


Pepper antipasta

Mantis shrimp!



Cod Cheek and clam soup

Red snapper and asparagus

Lamb chops with artichoke and fava beans

Cheese plate

Coffee toffee chocolate chip ice cream with hazelnut chocolate cookie

Meyer Lemon custard tart with stewed rhubarb and whipped cream

Sweets that came with the check

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