Saturday, September 27, 2014

Restaurant Review: Taipei Main Station 2F (Breeze Taipei Station)

The 2nd floor of Taipei Main Station has an amazing selection of foods, though they don't open until 10am :( Take note if you are going to be passing through early morning! Otherwise you will be chowing down on strange boiled skewers from the 7/11s or having an Egg McMuffin or Mos Burger.

I couldn't find too much information about this online, so here's a picture next to the escalators up to the 2nd floor. They also have a couple more fast-foody type food courts as well as sit-down restaurants.
Also note the mini MUJI and Tokyo Hands (localized) stores up there!

We wanted to eat at the most popular place but it ended up being an American-style brunch cafe (seriously, the only place that had a queue right at 10 am!!)
Second Floor Cafe - I later found out this was a chain, not a literal description of its location in the Main Train Station.

We ended up at Ramen Kagetsu Arashi. It's right beside an Ippudo, but this place looked slightly more popular, so we decided to try it.

IDK what kind of dish this is advertising *sideeye*

We ordered their #1 best seller bowl of ramen. Service was quick, but the ramen was pretty underwhelming :(

Anyway, in general we were super impressed with the selection (and cleanliness) of restaurants in the Taipei Main Station. Although it managed to highlight what a tragic disaster Penn Station is in comparison... >.>

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